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Cryptocurrency-Listen and Learn

Vizionary Hangout

This is a hangout with some of our top people including Gary Conner, Cryptocurrency Expert with Altcoin.com, a well known Cryptocurrency News Letter. This hangout happens every Thursday at 1:00PM PST and is the thing you need to listen to if you are on the fence regarding Cryptocurrency. Another lesson in Listen and Learn: CLICK… Continue Reading

The Future of Banking

  I just listened to a very informative video by Juan Llamas, speaking on a TED talk. I think it explains the benefit of owning Cryptocurrency and why. It’s the revolution on money and it’s mobile and can be shared globally for free with no fees attached! It’s important to be aware of what’s going… Continue Reading

Financial Warnings Everywhere

Financial Warnings Everywhere

There are many people out there that are tired of hearing about the bad that’s going on in the world today. People have a tendency to listen to the news and and then just filing it in the back of their brain because they don’t want to believe that our Country, the one with all… Continue Reading

One More Reason For Owning Cryptocurrency

I saw this article and thought it would be something, other than me, explaining why it’s important to educate yourself regarding what’s going on in the financial world and why it’s so very important to own Capricoin. Trust me, Capricoin will be one of the most important assets you can own in the near future.… Continue Reading

Bitcoin and the Banks – Five Stages of Grief by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Good morning! I just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that I haven’t fallen off the edge. I’ve been researching for the last few days about Cryptocurrency and it’s progress. I came up with a fantastic video that I really think is a must listen if you are thinking about owning your… Continue Reading

Strategy For Procrastination

Today I’m going to do something a little different. I know you know I’m a network marketer and I seem to be totally engaged in cryptocurrency so that’s what I usually talk about, but not today!  I’m going to talk about something I struggle with every day, even in my business. I also strive to… Continue Reading